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Akzo Nobel Baltics Office in Vilnius



There are certain rules and requirements for office space zoning, electronics and, obviously,  the needs of employees. Since a typical work-week is 40 to 50 hours, the approach was to freshen-up the space with lush, green partitions. Therefore many of those were replaced by mini bamboo gardens . All of the blooming plants are odorless and anti-allergic. They also purify indoor air, release moisture vapor, and are able to improve overall employees mental and physical health. Time and care will increase the level of partition as the plants will grow and become denser and denser. Bamboos were adjusted to accommodate electric cables for individual workplaces. Decorative acoustic wall panels were incorporated to soundproof the area. The same colour pallet was used for wool upholstery fabric. Wool was chosen for its warm and cozy properties. Modern mobility of a workplace was taken into consideration when forming additional seating and lighting for in-and-out employees. We wanted to portray their guiding principle of sustainable and natural products, hence furniture has aged oak accents. 
In short, our client's credo was a guiding star for us in the whole creative process.


Photos: Jurij Kolesnikov, Darius Gumbrevičius

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